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You could try this option using ftp or shell ( if you are administrator of the server ).

This process is 100% effective.

First Export your data using SQL file. ( maybe you will need to replace all the wp_user_ from blogsome to wp_ in the tables' names )

Now enter Cpanel and create a Database named 'myblog' create and user for the database with password and assign the user to the database 'myblog' with all privileges. Now import all data using phpmyadmin, so you will have your data ready to use. Do this selecting IMPORT and browse the .SQL File and GO.

Now go to

and download each one of these versions: 2.0, 2.3.3 , 2.5 , 2.7 , 2.9.2 and finally 3.0.3

unpack the file wp-config.php from version 3.0.3 to a folder in your computer and edit it manually, fill the database name, database user and database password, save a copy of this wp-config.php to another folder so when you unpack the next version you don't need to edit the wp-config.php file again.

Beginning with version 2.0

1. Now unpack the next version and upload it to your server using ftp ( or unpack it directly in the www directory of your server if you have shell access ) Replace or delete the one uploaded before, if any.

2. Now upload the wp-config.php file replacing the one in the server. Remember this one has the database access information.

3. now open a browser and open the URL where your wordpress is installed

4. Confirm the upgrade and repeat from step 1 until you reach the latest version of Wordpress.

When done, maybe when you open your website, a blank page will appear, to solve this enter the admin page and select a theme, this will solve the problem.

And you will have your wordpress site working with all data, links and everything from your old blogsome account.

Hope this helps.

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English VIII - Final Essay

The Benefits of Learning with Videos in the Internet:

Internet has become the main tool for almost every aspect in the life of millions of people around the world, connecting people, further than imagination could achieve. Chat rooms, Instant Messenger, Electronic Email, Web Sites, Electronic Commerce, Media Marketing, Videos, Music, Internet Phone Calls, and the new era of Social Networks, just to count some of the most important aspects.

The main problem is that many people only satisfy some simple requirements from the Internet and doesn't maximize it's potential. Many People just know less than a half of what Internet could possible do. A great example as a big benefit from the Internet is the power of learning almost whatever comes to your mind, just search with a “search engine” like Google or Yahoo! and you will find almost any Online tutorial for the thing you want to learn, mostly for free, exactly, you won’t need to pay a dime for it. A new way to learn is with videos, people creates videos with Online Courses and upload them to sites, like Youtube, Vimeo, Metacafe, you could learn anything from cooking to programming computers just watching videos, the best part is that every video is done from someone with the knowledge and is shared to everybody who accesses the Internet.

By this point, maybe you had remember something you always wanted to learn, by the end of this essay, you should be able to search what you really want to learn and find it with no problem at all. Lets say we want to learn to cook “Ham Bread”, a Venezuelan Christmas Typical Dish with just writing “Ham Bread” in Youtube, you will find many videos about it, one of the best is this one (Audio in Spanish) it shows you step by step how to prepare and cook it. Or if you want to learn to play Violin, just type in the search box something like “violin lesson” without the quotes, and you will see a lot of results. For Students at the University, there is no better tool to learn than the Youtube website, Mathematics you could repeat the video over and over again or pause it, Computer Programming Languages, most popular programming languages as C, PHP and Java lessons, almost everything you could imagine, just to name a few.

At the Beginning most of the lessons available on the Net were boring, endless articles or lessons written, that was one of the greatest disadvantages, many tutorials still exists written, but now with Video and Audio technology, you will be able to learn or teach if you decide to create your own Video Tutorial, and transfer your Knowledge to others on the Net, it’s a growing mostly unknown part of the Internet that you could take advantage and explore.

In Conclusion, this is just the tip of the iceberg, one of the best learning tools on the Internet are the Videos, anything you wanted to learn is likely available right now, you just need to search for it. The Best part is that you could leave feedback to the creator of the video in most cases. And ask him/her any question you may have about his/her video or the method of teaching.

OUTLINE - English VIII Assignment

Topic: The Benefits of Learning with Videos in the Internet.

I. Internet Connects People

A) Chat Rooms
B) Instant Message
C) Websites
D) Electronic Mail

II. Searching Courses Online using Search Engines

A) Google
B) Yahoo
C) Youtube
D) Vimeo
E) Metacafe
F) Others.

III. Searching what you need to LEARN:

A) Using the Search Box.
B) Examples of Using simple words to Search.

IV) Advantages and Disadvantages of the New Technologies

A) Old Boring written Articles
B) New Video and Audio Technologies

Mind Map - English 8

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Natural Disasters

The term disaster refers to the enormous human and material losses caused by events or phenomena as earthquakes, floods, landslides, deforestation, pollution and others.

Disasters are not natural, but the phenomena that produce them. This term is different in two: "natural phenomena" and "natural disaster". Where nature is in a continuous process of movement and transformation, which manifests itself in different ways, through some regularity phenomena like rain in a few months of the year in mountainous areas, and extraordinary appearance, such as tremors earth, volcanoes or natural wear of soil erosion occurs.

Other disasters may be caused by human activities that alter the normal environment. Some of these are: environmental pollution, erroneous and irrational exploitation of renewable natural resources such as forests and soil and non-renewable like minerals, housing and buildings in high risk areas.

Natural phenomena such as rain or wind, become natural disaster when they exceed a limit of normal, usually measured through a parameter. This varies depending on the type of phenomenon (Richter scale for earthquakes, Saphir-Simpson scale for hurricanes, etc.)..

The effects of a natural disaster may be amplified due to poor planning of human settlements, lack of safety measures, emergency plans and warning systems and man becomes a bit blurred.

To institutional capacities to reduce disaster risk group, they can trigger other events that will reduce the chance of surviving it because of gaps in planning and security measures. A classic example is earthquakes, buildings and houses to collapse, trapping people in rubble and broken gas lines that can catch fire and burn injuries in the ruins.

Human activity in areas with high probability of natural disaster known as high risk. High-risk areas without instrumentation or appropriate steps to respond to natural disasters or reduce their negative effects are known as areas of high vulnerability.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning

Advantages: It doesn't require commuting, this saves you money and time that you had otherwise spend on travel, from home to school and back. You can complete most of the classes at your convenience, because almost all classes are asynchronous, which means you don´t have to attend a lecture at a particular time and place. And you can review the assignments and do your home work during your free time. Also you don´t have to live in the same city while pursuing the education of your choice. You only need internet and a computer to do it.

Disadvantages: Despite the many opportunities of distance education, there are inevitable accompanying costs. Live video communication for example, requires a webcam, and enough bandwidth, and you must own a computer and internet access. Both the instructors and students involved in distance learning may need to make sacrifices at times to get things done in time. Most often you´ll be studying alone, feel isolated or miss that social physical interaction that comes with attending a traditional classroom. But one of the major disadvantages of distance learning is that not always offer all necessary courses online.

Segunda Mitad del Noveno

The most recent Ruben Blades' CD includes a song that could be dedicated to Venezuela's Actual Political situation. It´s a Message that seems to be directed to the Venezuelan Democratic People, hard and realist, but also, at bottom, with hope.

The Lirycs from "Segunda Mitad del Noveno" seems to show the exactly critical moment we are living in our country: Any time we could drown inside the military well that we have fallen. The baseball as example is for a country like ours so everyone could understand easily the gravity of the moment. The only way out is the democracy, that decides the game but nobody knows what to do, No action, the heroes are gone, it´s an emergency call, bases are full, full of trouble, full of motivations to win, to left the other team on the field, a team that has 10 years winning, and striking out everybody else. To defeat despair, the game is not over yet. And We can not lose.